Giveaway Rundown –

I have some really great giveaways ending soon. Tell a friend!

Iolo System Mechanic Software ends September 25/26 at midnight eastern time. Computer running slow? Do a lot of web surfing? Enter to win this software!

Facebook Fan Drive ends September 30. To enter, it’s simple: Recommend the How Was Your Day? fan page to your friends. Make sure that they tell me who referred them by posting something like “Greta B sent me.” I will keep a running tally. The person with the most referrals wins a box of goodies.

Maple Leaf Necklace ends September 27. A great little necklace that’s fall-inspired.

Girl Money roll on perfume ends September 28. A nice sized roll-on perfume oil in a fantastic scent.

Sloane Vintage Button Ring ends October 1. Fabulously fun carved flower ring that’s made from a vintage button.

Stretch Bracelets Tall Stack ends October 2. 10 assorted bracelets that are great for layering, stacking, mixing and matching.

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2 Responses to Giveaway Rundown –

  1. Michelle says:

    That is a lot of great giveaways! I will have to check them out! I am visiting from Boost Your Blog Friday and I am a new follower! Hope to see you around soon!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Greta! I'm so sorry that I'm so late! I'm following back from Feed Me Friday…like two weeks ago. I'm really sorry for my tardiness, but my dog ate your comment. No really, the email of your comment just got lost in the black hole that is my inbox. Well, I'm hear now and I'm following and subscribing back. Better late than never I guess. 🙂 Oh So Savvy Mom

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