Rockabilly Inspired Vintage Bobby Set – Giveaway YAY – WW

I’m always getting my hair cut, then deciding I really want to grow it out.  It’s a seriously vicious cycle. We’re currently in a growing out phase.  That’s why I love hair accessories soooo much! Well, part of the reason, at least. 

A fantastic set of Rockabilly inspired vintage bobby pins.  I adore rockabilly and pinup!  However, it’s not one of those looks that I think I could pull off – I think it has more to do with the attitude.  This is a bit of rockabilly for the rest of us. 

A large oval of Matte White vintage lucite, a Bluebird in vintage moonglow lucite, and a vintage Bingo gamepiece.  The feature desorations date from the 1950s-1960s.  Not just retro – genuine vintage!  .And the pin part? Well, they’re silver-plated! These are really nice, super luxe bobby pins.

These are great for pinning your bangs back, tacking your bun, or just as hair jewelry.  

Just a reminder – you must complete ALL of the mandatory entries to be qualified. If you don’t complete them, none of your entries will count.

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29 Responses to Rockabilly Inspired Vintage Bobby Set – Giveaway YAY – WW

  1. doroffee says:

    I'd wear the bingo one with a beige vintage-ey dress with dark blue tights :).

  2. sarah shult says:

    I have pixie short hair and will wear these with probably everything

  3. I don't know, but I may wear the white one with my black sport dress as contrast.

  4. crftyduchess says:

    I`d wear em with jeans & a cute tee

  5. Lulu says:

    I think they will look perfect with girly dresses)
    redalepou at yahoo dot com

  6. Kimberly W says:

    I'd wear them Jeans and. Sweater or one of my dresses.
    Halochanel at gmail dot com

  7. Bee W Bedard says:

    use them when i put my hair up when wearing jeans

  8. gibberish says:

    I'd give them to my daughter to have fun with. She'd love these.

  9. PAIGE says:

    I'm gonna rock them by using them to push my bangs off to the side and wear jeans and big red platform shoes.

  10. Kerri says:

    Would totally rock these with one of my vintage dresses. LOVE them!


  11. *Brittany C* says:

    I'd let my daughter rock these at school! She can wear them with some cute Jeans and a Tee.

  12. Lisa says:

    My daughter would rock these at college with skinny jeans, a tee, and boots.
    lafittelady at gmail dot com

  13. MRWriter says:

    I'd rock these whenever I attend theater or concerts and other shows. They're fun to wear!


  14. Kate says:

    With a bright red lip!

  15. Renee G says:

    I'd rock these with jeans and a tee.

  16. I sure will!! Mostly when I work out! I like to look hawt!

  17. Paula L. says:

    Haha! I'm not but my teenage daughter can!

    jandplee at att dot net

  18. Kaelyn L. says:

    I would totally rock them with my dresses and curly hair!

  19. ferriz says:

    i have super long bangs so i will use them to keep them out of my eyes. or i will stick them in by my high retro style ponytail! 😉


  20. April says:

    I would give them to my daughter since she loves to dress up like that

  21. wendy says:

    with some of my cutest vintage shirts!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  22. Mo says:

    I would have to share these cuties with my daughter!! Bye bye flyaways!

  23. Christina says:

    Christina – – In my hair, of course, with pretty dresses, which I love to wear!

  24. Cal says:

    These would be great for my daughter and also for me!

  25. probably with my hair curly and in jeans!

  26. kelley c says:

    With a small braid in the front.


  27. When I don't have time to take a shower in the morning I'll pin my hair back with these lovely bobbies!

    relientkgirl88 at aol dot com

  28. Swtlilchick says:

    I would rock these cuties in my long dark hair
    flipped up int a side twist

  29. Nancye says:

    My daughter will like these!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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