Tiny Prints for Valentines

I always loved Valentine’s Day at school.  It may be because there was no pressure and everyone got gifts.  Or it could be that I love to get mail.  I’m not totally sure which…Or maybe Valentine’s Day led to my love of getting mail?   Hmmm…

The store-bought $3 for a class pack of Valentine Cards weren’t for me, either.  No ma’am.  I wanted something special!  So, of course, the hunt was ON. 


Unfortuantely, when I was a kid, there was no Tiny Prints. And there was a time I would have died, Rachel Zoe-like, to have those Snow White cards for my Valentines Day Greeting Cards. Of course, I’m not totally sure that time isn’t right now.

And if you’re a grown-up or having a party, wouldn’t these be great? My BFF’s birthday is around Valentine’s Day. This year we’re planning a Girl’s Getaway to Kansas City. These would have been the perfect invites! I’ll have to remember them for next year. 

Connect with Tiny Prints:


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