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Guest Post – Savory Meat Roll from Kids Are Grown

We’re kind of big into junk food here. Have you ever seen the movie Mermaids, where they only eat finger foods? Yeah…that’s us! Melissa over at The Kids are Grown. Now What? has this recipe for a meat roll that … Continue reading

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Copy-Cat Olive Garden’s Tuscan Garlic Chicken

My new bloggy buddy Cathy at Sidetracked Mom has created this tasty looking dish that’s a clone of Olive Garden’s Tuscan Garlic Chicken. Check it out, won’t ya?

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Mocktail and Cocktail Recipes with Trop50

_qoptions={qacct:’p-f4QCdDOj56EYA’};<img src=’; style=’display: none;’ border=’0′ height=’1′ width=’1′ alt=’Quantcast’ /> Remember when I told you about Trop50 a couple weeks ago? It’s a lower calorie, lower sugar juice blend that still has your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Trop 50 … Continue reading

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Cranberry Jellies Candy Recipe

It’s after the holidays and you’re looking for something to have.  You’re trying to stick to your diet, but you’ve just gotta have some something sweet.  These Cranberry Jellies are a perfect solution.  You will need: 2 cups Fruit Juice … Continue reading

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Bestest Cookie Mix Base Recipe Ever! – Entertaining Guide

This is a fantastic cookie mix base that can be altered to make about a zillion different cookies.  This mix is perfect for cookie parties or exchanges, as you just need to make a couple additions and you’ll end up … Continue reading

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Guotie Pot Stickers – A Recipe

 I love potstickers.  I’ve made them a few times, but I always felt they weren’t quite right – like something was missing.  This recipe looks so easy that I’m gonna give it another go! The word for “pot stickers” in … Continue reading

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Berry Crisp: Breakfast of Champions

I love Berry Crisp. I find it to be one of those foods that is good for dessert or for breakfast. It’s gotta be better for you than sugary cereals, right? Or is that just a good excuse to have … Continue reading

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